Earn more with Zippie

Zippie white-label super app grows your online business by empowering your users to earn, use, send, lend and play more.

Super app which spirals user and revenue growth

Prepaid airtime micro-rewards for loyalty and referrals, available in 170 countries and 800 mobile operators

Free sharing of rewards and other value without app downloads, rocketing viral growth

Super app acceleration through partner affiliate programs: users enabled to spend, lend, work, earn and play

Blockchain powered fraud free rewards and vouchers

Boost your growth with micro-rewards on loyalty and referrals


Improve user retention and acquisition with micro-rewards. Frequent rewards create motivation for changed behaviour. Your user collects points and upon reaching threshold level can convert points to prepaid airtime or other valuable items such as shopping or loan discount vouchers. We support airtime vouchers in 170 countries and with 800 mobile operators.

Fuel viral growth by enabling free sending of value

Sending value

Sending value between Zippie wallets is instant, free and borderless. As the wallet is powered by blockchain, your users can trust that their digital transactions are safe and no middlemen are required. Users can share a transaction link through any messenger app such as WhatsApp. Sending works even if the recipient doesn’t have a Zippie wallet, as the recipient’s wallet is created automatically when they receive the value.

Create your own Zippie enabled super app with affiliate programs

Super app

Through your white-labelled Zippie, your users can access their favourite online services and apps, and earn cashback and rewards that are automatically added to their wallet. This gives your users a good reason to do MORE online within your brand - spending, lending, working, earning and playing. You and your affiliate program partners can cross-reference users by airdropping brand points which enables faster growth. Wide variety of affiliate programs increase your service stickiness. Zippie sources the most suitable affiliate program partners that you want to offer to your customers.

Implement easily


Zippie provides easy to use APIs, comprehensive documentation, and integration support to your team to make it a breeze to integrate Zippie super app with your product. You can view performance and optimize rewards through your own dashboard.

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